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Worship from Home

W/C 17th May 2020

Please click on the button for our Families Worship @ Home sheet for Christian Aid Week. There are also lots of links and comments from Rev'd Steph below.

This week I got very upset because my necklace broke and the pendant fell off when we were out walking the dog. When it fell off, it got lost, and I was very upset because it was very precious to me. I was sure that I would never see it again. But this morning, I received a call from someone who told me that they had actually found it. I wonder if you have ever lost something very precious to you? How did you feel when you lost it? If you found it again, how did you feel to get it back again? For me, my necklace represents a promise that I made many years ago, and that is why it is so precious. I wonder if you have something that reminds you of a promise. 


Did you know that the Rainbow is a sign of a promise? It was God's promise to never send another great flood like the one in this week's story. The rainbow is also a really great reminder that there is hope after the dark clouds and rain, and that is why it brings so much hope to people seeing the beautiful rainbows in your windows. We have a big rainbow in our window, and I know that lots of you have rainbows in your windows too. I hope that this week you will have fun thinking about the rainbow in the story of Noah's Ark, which is the theme of this week's attached resource. The links for this are: 


Some promises take a while until they are fulfilled. God made many promises in the Bible, including promising the Holy Spirit to the followers of Jesus, but the disciples first had to see Jesus taken up to heaven. In the church, we celebrate Jesus being taken up to heaven 40 days after Easter; Ascension day is this Thursday, and we have produced a sheet for this too, the links for which are:


The period of waiting that the disciples experienced is a time when the church encourages people to pray for 5 people that they care about. This period of prayer is called Thy Kingdom Come - an initiative set up by the Archbishop of Canterbury. They have produced loads of stuff to help people to pray. I will send a separate email with some resources for that, probably on Monday or Tuesday.

In the next week or so, we will be doing another Collective Worship video about Pentecost - the day the church celebrates the coming Holy Spirit and the birthday of the church. In the meantime, I have found that the Church of England have started producing weekly Collective Worship videos on Youtube, for both Primary and Secondary. They are really fun and well produced. The links for the first two are:

Primary - 

Secondary -

These are part of a new national campaign from the Church of England called Faith at Home. More information and resources can be found here:


W/C 10th May 2020

Please click on the button for our Families Worship @ Home sheet for Christian Aid Week. There are also some Mental Health resources below that the Church of England have produced.

This song from a school in Birmingham has been found which is about schools in Lockdown, you may find it encouraging. You can make your own videos here:



W/C 3rd May 2020

Please click on the button for our Families Worship @ Home sheet for this week.

W/C 27th April 2020

Please click on the button for our Families Worship @ Home sheet for this week.

The links you will need from the sheet are here:

I would love to make a family video service, but I would love your involvement. You could act out the story, or read a prayer. Let us know what you think.


Easter for Families

We have compiled some resources for you to use this week and over the whole Easter period. There are a couple of colouring sheets, as well resources from other organisations, with activities for children, teenagers and adults of all ages, which have been grouped and can be downloaded below. I have put together a list of links to even more stuff, with various videos of the Easter story, including The Faces of Easter Story, which is here:


Holy Week

You can also see some Easter Story videos by visiting here:

You can listen to our traditional services for Holy week here: and in the following video:

Here are some prayers to do at home with Children:

Sunday 29th March

Video link: The theme is worry, and covers elements of mental health resources, including a guided meditation to help aid relaxation.