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Date Posted : 26/01/2018

Class Koala have started 2018 by looking into the seven day celebration of African Culture called KWANZAA, which starts on December 26th and finishes on January 1st each year.

We have been thinking about the first principle of Kwanzaa, which is UNITY.  We have decided that UNITY means working together and getting along, now and in the future.  We think that it is about being helpful, supportive and being kind to others.

To show this we made a UNITY paper chain together in the classroom, sharing paper and glue sticks and working with each other to link our papers to join our names together as a unified class of children working together, getting along.

The finished chain can be seen on the KWANZAA display in our classroom with the collage pictures each child made of themselves to show that we are working together, getting along, supporting each other, kindly in class Koala.