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Reflective Materials

Date Posted : 07/03/2018

Once again we have been scientists discovering the properties of different materials. Using our knowledge of light and dark we considered how a cyclist could be more visible on a dark road. We knew we needed light to see the cyclist and there were several sources of light from streetlights, bike lights and car headlights but was there anything else the cyclist could do to be safer and be seen in the dark. We tested different materials to see if dressing in particular clothing might help. We soon realised that shiny, reflective material bounced the light off and made the car drivers see the cyclist more clearly. Our task then was to dress the cyclist for the dark. We split into groups with a large picture of a cyclist, a torch and lots of glue. Each team had to selected the shiniest collage materials for their cyclist. It became a competition with Mr McKay and Mrs Walker choosing the best. Everybody took so much care with their cyclist and loved shining the torches. Another successful day in our laboratory!