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Class Koala Assembly for Parents

Date Posted : 07/03/2018

Class Koala’s assembly to the school and their parents, presenting their fabulous work from the year so far, was a huge success.

The children really enjoyed showing off their fantastic art and science work.  They threw themselves positively into their dancing, singing with actions and counting exercises to entertain the audience.

Their silly ‘alliterative’ sentence and funny farm dream poems brought a smile or a little giggle to a number of people as they listened.  Whilst the children’s R.E. work into the different Light Festivals from around the world and why they think candles are important to celebrations showed off their good thinking (drawing and colouring) skills.

Everyone got along and worked together in unity, remembering when to come in with their words to make the whole performance as good as it could be.

A big thank you to everyone who braved the cold and snowy conditions to join us at school that day so we could go ahead with the assembly which we had worked so hard on in the previous days.