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The Little Pigs' House

Date Posted : 07/03/2018

Once again we put on our lab coats and transformed into Super Scientists to help solve a problem for the three little pigs. Oh dear, the little pigs live in a land where it rains a lot and their roof is leaking. How can we fix the leak? We have four different materials that we could use to mend the roof and keep out the water. Plastic, tinfoil, fabric and cardboard - which would work best? We made predictions by voting for the best material. Lots of us thought that cardboard would be good but we realised we would have to test the different materials to see if they kept the rain out and were waterproof. So we split into groups, built some walls and placed a toy pig or person inside (sitting on a blue paper towel). We decided the blue paper towel was absorbent and changed colour when wet so we could tell if the water had come through the material. Now for the different roofing materials. We tried each one and poured rain from jugs onto it. Luckily we had placed our houses in a tray so the floor didn't get too wet! After all our testing, we  decided which material worked best by placing a sticker on our chart. We discovered that plastic and tinfoil worked well and the cardboard did for a little while but then got soggy. Don't use fabric to fix a roof, it is not waterproof. The Super Scientists strike again!