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Trim Trail

New Starters Visits

Year 3 - Outdoor Maths

Class Panda - Pirate Ships

Year 5 - Scrabble

Class China - Harvesting their salad

Class China - Treasure!

Young Voices Biggest Sing

Year 4 - 3D Shapes

Year 2 - Spelling Frame

Class Australia - Clay dragons

Class China - Sports' Day Practise

Class Koala - An interview with an Alien

Year 4 - Science

Year 1 - Hockey Skills

Dancing Pandas

Class China - Dodgeball

Yr 1 - PE

Roots and Branches Forest School

Friendly Monsters

Function of a Skeleton - Yr 3 Science

Class Panda - Giraffes

Bikeability - April 2021

Easter fun in class Panda!

Creative Koala's

Class China - Happy Easter

Class Australia - Easter Activities

Class China - Investigating friction

Class Australia - Hogwarts

Class China - Spiders

Busy Fingers - Reception

Practical Maths

Christmas Dinner - 2020

Class Panda's Calendars

The Kirkwood Reindeer Run

Class Australia - Winter Poems

Teams4U Shoebox Appeal

Christmas Tree

Class Australia - Snowy Playtime

Helping Hands Christmas Collections

Class Australia - Coding

Children in Need 2020


Remembrance Day

Dragon Eyes - Class China

Being Thankful - Class Panda

Harvest Festival - Class Australia

Harvest Thanks - Class Koala

Harvest Celebrations - Class China

Yr 2 Tennis

Harvest Donations

Year 3 - Science

Pete Cromer Art

Creative Curriculum

Year 1 - PE

Creative Koalas

Willow Pattern Plates

Autumn Trees

'Barnyard Boogie'

Class China - Ndebele Art

Amazing Reception

Outdoor Maths - 17.09.2020

Summer Challenges

Ready for the new term

Fun with Science

Fimo models

Solar System


More V. E. Day Celebrations

Ancient Greeks

V.E. Weekend

V.E. Day Celebrations

Busy Times

Greek Lunch

Lexi's Boat

V.E. Day

Winning Rainbow Rock

Masks and birthday cake

Family Bake Off

Working Hard

Colourful Creations

Learning at Home

Keeping Busy

Harvey gets creative

What goes up ...............

Air Resistance

Class Hedgehog Science Investigation

The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme

Energy Heroes

Young Voices - 2020

Christmas Dinner - 2019

Lights, Camel, Action 2!

Christmas Fayre 2019

Dewa Visit - 2019

KS2 Sports Hall Athletics

Shoebox Appeal - 2019

Class Pacific's Assembly

Light and Dark

Investigating Friction

Children in Need 2019

We Will Remember Them

Perfectly Painted Portraits part 2

Perfectly Painted Portraits part 1

Remembrance Service 2019

French Bake Off - Class Pacific

Family Group Day - 'Keeping Safe'

Football Champions

Busy at Work

Being Creative in Creative Curriculum

Class Atlantic take a trip to the future

Daily MIle / Running Track

Hand to Mouth - October 2019

Opening Ceremony - Running Track and Sensory Garden

Year 3 PE with Project Sport

KS1 Indoor Athletics

PE with a difference!

Year 2 Coleslaw

Reception Visit to Cannon Hall Farm 2019

Jump & Shout July 2019

Creative Curriculum - 12th Sept 2019

Cliffe House Visit 2019

Urban Strides Workshop

Happy Puzzle Day

Sports' Day 2019

Tropical Butterfly House 2019

Robinwood 2019

Winding Mechanisms.

Teacher Pleaser Machine - Class Eagle - Literacy.

Class Penguin - Christmas reward day.

Year 5 Prime Numbers.

Toys in Class Penguin.

Magnificent Measures in Reception.

Class Penguin - Busy Busy Busy.

Healthy Family Groups October 2018

Yr 2 Rugby Training

Year 1 and 2 Visit to the Beth Hamidrash Hagadol Synagogue and Abbey House Museum

Remembrance - 100 Years

Class Penguin - Wow - What a Week.

Year 1 - Maths - Shape Investigation.

Fairness Assembly

Tudor Portraits

Defibrillator Training

Setting Descriptions

Busy Fingers Challenge

Science Food Chains - Year 4

Using Atlases

Colour Mixing

The Foolish Man

Our Prayers - September 2018

Autumn Equinox Assembly

Bikeability - April 2018 (part 2)

Bikeability - April 2018 (part 1)

Yr 5 Cricket Coaching

The Easter Story

French Fashion Show

Easter Family Day - part 2

Easter Family Day - part 1

All About Easter

Class Australia - Shapes March 2018

All Star Cricket - All Star Koalas!

Class Koala - Houses & Homes

The Little Pigs' House

Class Koala Assembly for Parents

We need light to see!

Reflective Materials



Phiro Robots

Young Voices 2018

World War 2 Creative Curriculum

Light and Dark - Class Panda

Christmas Dinner

Lights, Camel, Action - gallery 2

Lights, Camel, Action - gallery 1

Class Koala Portraits - part 2

Class Koala Portraits - part 1

Town Mouse and Country Mouse

Year One Outdoor Maths

World Arts and Crafts - KS2

Poets and Poems - Class Australia

Class Koala's Salads

Class Panda are Scientists

Healthy Family Group Day

Hunting for Dragons

Washing hands

Class Koala Reward Afternoon

Autumn Storms - Class Panda

Creative, Crafty, Clever Koalas

Harvest Soup

Character Descriptions

Maths Skills - Class Koala

Senses - Class Panda

Ourselves - Class Koala

Class Panda - w/c 25th September 2017

How to Care for a Pet Dragon

USA Number Plates

Yr 4 Tennis Coaching

Sky Try Rugby

String Instrument Taster Sessions

Class Panda's Skeletons

KS2 Creative Curriculum - 14 Sep 2017

Class Australia - Good Writing

Our Library

First Week in Class Panda

Allotment Harvesting - Class Pacific


Year 5 Leavers

Year 5 Fruit Cocktails

Cliffe House Visit 2017

Sports' Day 2017 part 2

Sports' Day 2017 part 1

KS2 Maths Co-ordinates

Year 4 Get Active Day

Year 3 Healthy and Happy Day

Lost Cuddly Toys and Dolls

Experimenting with Mirrors

Year 2 Cricket

Police Visit to School

Tropical Butterfly House

New Starters Visit Again - 2

New Starters Visit Again - 1

Call Push Rescue

Our Garden - Radish Harvesting

Class Pacific Maths Revision

New Starters' First Visit

Medusa Masks


Underwater World

Yr 2 Cricket Coaching

Class Owl Reward Day

Yr 5 Church School Transition

Cannon Hall Farm

Camp Half Blood

Tag Rugby

Year 2 making coleslaw

Visit to Wakefield Cathedral

Class Owl take over Mrs Barrett's classroom!

Sleepover - Gallery 2

Sleepover - Gallery 1

Greek Columns - Class Atlantic

Jungle and Rainforest Fun

Yr 5 Transition

Greek Feast - KS2

Gardening - May 2017

Bikeability - April 2017

Outdoor Maths - Data Handling

Class Hedgehog w/c 24th April 2017

Optical Illusions

Atlas Skills - Class Atlantic

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Comic Relief

KS1 Football Team - March 2017

Alpine Plants - Class Atlantic

Christian Creation - Class Owl

Wrapping Paper - Class Atlantic

Great Fire of London

Alpine Plants - Class Atlantic

Busy Fingers

KS2 Hot Cross Cookies

Measuring Angles - KS2

Old Houses - Class Hedgehog

KS2 Football Tournament - 7th March 2017

Investigating Flowers - Class Atlantic

Work to 'bee' proud of - 10th March 2017

Stay and Play - 10th March 2017

Pushes and Pulls - Class Owl

KS2 Practising Measures

World Book Day - 2nd March 2017

The Piano - Flashback Narratives - Class Atlantic

Year 5 Science - March 2017

Class Owl's Assembly

The Golden Rule

Car for Sale

3D Shapes - Class Atlantic

Class Owl's Planets

A Home for a Hedgehog - January 2017

Blasting off to Space with Class Hedgehog - February 2017

Library Day - February 2017

KS2 Find Out About Symmetry - February 2017

Christmas Fayre

Class Hedgehog think about their senses - September 2016

Sky Try Rugby - September 2016

Morning in Sunshine Club

Art in the style of Yayoi Kusama

Class Hedgehog Music - September 2016

Violin demonstration for Yr 2 - September 2016

Lunchtime - September 2016

Yr 3 Healthy and Happy Day - June 2016

Drama Club - Treasure Island - July 2016

Sporting Fun for Reception - June 2016

Reception's Second Week at School - September 2016

New Starters Visit - June 2016

Kon-Tiki Rafts - June 2016

Baking in Sunshine Club - June 2016

Spinach and Parmesan Muffins - June 2016

Cliffe House Visit - July 2016

KS2 Cricket Coaching - Summer 2016

Chance to Shine Cricket Festival - July 2016

Shoebox Appeal - November 2016

Christian Community - Lunchtime Prayers

Christian Community - Thank You Prayers

Class Penguin's Spider's Web - June 2016

Robinwood Visit - May 2016

Class Puffin PE - June 2016

Reception's new mud kitchen - September 2016