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Class Penguin - Wow - What a Week.

Gallery Posted Date : 12/10/2018

As the sun has shone done on us, we have been outside strengthening our muscles and co-ordination. We have played with the big parachute and controlled it really well in the breeze. We sang about a hungry Boa Constrictor who was swelling us whole as we pulled the parachute over us. We also sang some nursery rhymes as we moved in a circle.

We have also heard about Daniel in the Lion's Den, a story from The Bible, this taught us that we don't need to be frightened of scary things as God will look after us. Mrs Parry brought in her special bible which had been given to her a long time ago, we looked at the illustrations and the tiny print. It is now next to our class bible on the windowsill so that we can look at it whenever we want. 

We loved our music lesson last Friday when we had a visit from Miss Rawson who played the ukulele and guitar for us. We listened and danced to a musical story called Anansi, the rat and the cat. We had a short short or long sound quiz. We are such brilliant dancers in Class Penguin.