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Helping Hands

What is Helping Hands all about?

Most schools have a PTA (parent, teacher associations) and Helping Hands is our PTA. Anyone can contribute, attend the meetings and offer their support. It’s a great way to meet new parents and get involved in the life of the school. Helping Hands has been responsible for lots of great events, from Christmas Fayres to Balls and Discos, they have helped our school community to gel, have fun and raise much needed funds for our children in school.

Why should parents be involved in helping raise money?

It would be nice if the school budget could provide everything we want in school but unfortunately it doesn’t, so we are always looking at ways to get extra funds into school. Because of the work of Helping Hands the children have a wonderful library that is used every day and stocked with high quality, up to date books. Some of our IT equipment that the children use daily was funded by Helping Hands events. The fantastic play hut in the Early Years area was also provided thanks to Helping Hands fundraising. More recently fundraising has contributed to the new school gym, the stage which we used for the Christmas performances, two mud kitchens and assorted other resources for Reception. Over the years the work of parents, friends and the community in supporting school has made a huge difference to the education of the children.