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School Closure Home Learning

These resources are designed to act as a guide for those of you who wish to and are able to support your child’s learning at home. We do understand that everyone has different circumstances and that you are all under a great deal of pressure at the moment. There is no expectation that all, if any, of these activities are completed. 

You can use the activities in any way you wish. You can just dip and out of them - be guided by your child’s interests e.g. they may love art but dislike history. Alternatively, if you would like to adopt an approach that more closely follows a typical school day then I suggest that that your child reads daily, carries out an English and maths activity, a physical activity and then one other subject. 

If your time is limited, the key things to do are to continue to read to and with your child, discussing and enriching their vocabulary, practise spellings and times tables and to keep them active.

Ideas for worship can be found on our Christian Community page.

Please remember to monitor your child’s use of the internet to make sure that they stay safe when online.


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