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Curriculum Information

"The curriculum offers much more than is typical. A wide range of first-hand experiences are provided for pupils. The curriculum supports quality teaching very effectively to secure pupils’ interest and enjoyment in learning. The very wide variety of enrichment activities includes visits, visitors and a variety of sporting and creative activities which add depth and vibrancy to pupils’ learning." OFSTED


Our curriculum in built on these principles:
Distinctive & Individual: Because every child learns differently.
Holistic Development: Because learning is more than just passing tests.
Enriching Environment: Because children need an exciting place to learn!
Passion for Learning: Because we are all learning all the time. If we aren't passionate about learning how can we expect children to be?
Collaborative Learning: Because no-one works in isolation. Collaboration is probably the single most important skill we all need to develop.

 Curriculum Letters

Each term we produce a curriculum information sheet to let you know the curriculum your child will be studying in their class. Just click on the class to open the information sheet. New information will be added at the beginning of each term. We don't publish this information in advance because our staff constantly plan, refine and improve the curriculum we offer our children.

Autumn Term 2016-17

Reception / Y1 - Autumn
Y1 / Y2 - Autumn   

Y3 / Y4 - Autumn
Y4 / Y5 - Autumn

Spring Term 2016-17

Reception / Y1 - Spring
Y1 / Y2 - Spring
Y3 / Y4 - Spring
Y4 / Y5 - Spring 

Summer Term 2016-17

Reception/Y1 - Summer 

Y1/Y2 - Summer 

Y3/Y4 - Summer

Y4/Y5 - Summer

Phonics and Reading Schemes

At Cumberworth First School we use 'Jolly Phonics' as the basis for our phonics teaching and the 'Oxford Reading Tree' for our reading scheme. It should be noted that these are starting points and we draw in additional schemes, tools and reading books to ensure balance and variety.