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We need light to see!

Date Posted : 07/03/2018

We never stop investigating in Class Panda. This week we listened to a story about the dark by Ruth Brown called A Dark, Dark Tale. Then we worked in teams to investigate a mystery shoebox with a peephole. We found that we couldn't see anything inside the box because there was no light so we opened a small window in the side of the box. We all began to see something inside but we were not sure what.  The light was dim and not bright enough for us to see well. Out came the torches! We worked together to shine the bright torchlight into the window while we looked through the keyhole. With no light, we could not see, with some light we could see a little bit but, with the bright light, we could see a mouse hiding in the box. We learned lots about seeing, light and about team work. We made predictions and tested our ideas. It was an exciting lesson.