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Class Koala - Houses & Homes

Date Posted : 16/03/2018

We have started a new topic!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been looking at lots of different houses and homes and thinking about what materials they are made from and why, what it would be like to live in them and comparing them to our lovely homes that we live in now!

First, we looked at caves, the first ever homes humans lived in and thought about the differences and similarities to our homes today. We looked at how early humans decorated their caves with drawings, similar to how we decorate our homes today and had a go at creating our own fantastic cave drawings. We made them realistic by drawing things that the early humans would have, such as animals and hunters and using colours that they would have been able to use.

We then looked at transportable homes such as tipis and modern tents and compared them, thinking about what materials they are made from and why they are made from that material- particularly why we don’t make tipis the same anymore! We then had a go at making our own tipis by decorating them and using straws as the wooden poles- then made our own tipi village!

After that we looked at round houses made from wattle and daub and discussed whether this would be a good material for a house. We made our own wattle and daub walls by weaving paper straws through a wooden frame and applied our own daub mixture to hold the wattle together.

We have had a busy and fun two weeks and have learnt many interesting things about houses and homes- old and new and from around the world!